As you exit the camping you will find some of the most beautiful excursion in Sierra de Guara.  At the reception we will give you all the explanations, maps and tourist attractions so that you can organise your outing.

There are the most highlighted. Clicking them you will be able to download the fact sheet and the map.


The Rodellar climbing area offers more than 400 routes in 35 sectors for all climbing styles. All the sectors are easily reached on foot from Rodellar. The sectors are mostly located in the River Mascún ravine where there are inviting pools for bathing, often at the base of the climb.

The rock here is limestone. Rodellar is particularly renowned for its large vaults and overhangs with large chutes. Most of the routes are long and taxing but spectacular. There are also many caves and small walls requiring short but energetic climbs and vertical walls with technical routes of 40 metres and more.

There are also places for bouldering, especially the small caves, although if you are not interested in climbing with ropes, there are better places to go.

Most of the climbing routes are grade seven and eight, up to 9a+, where a number of 6b and 6c routes are interwoven with easy routes.

Vías Ferratas

Via ferratas are aerial routes or mountain paths flanked by rock walls that are equipped with permanent grips to provide an easier ascent.  Through a combination of ladders, rope bridges, anchored chocks, chains, handrails etc., together with an ever-present security cable, these innovative routes allow visitors to reach spots that would be otherwise inaccessible.

These are the Vias Ferratas you can find in the area. Clicking the link you will be able to download the fact sHet and the map:


Guara is the Paradise for canyoning lovers. There are more than 60 canyons in 30 kilometers around for all levels It is one of the most emblematic place in Europe for this practice. We have qualified guides for this sport.

These are some of the highlighted canyons you can find in the area. Clicking the link you will be able to download the fact sheet and the map:

Rutas BTT

There are several routes going across most of the region. There are routes of varying levels of difficulty depending on the ascent and length of the route. Many routes join up with each other, so you can cover distances of over 65 km.

Clicking this link you will be able to download the fact sheet of all routes.

Swimming areas

Unique settings to enjoy the crystal water in this beautiful Natural Park. You will find paradisiac corners with waterfalls and pure and clean natural water pools.

Cave paintings

Visit the Parque Cultural del Vero (World Heritage), cave paintings and museum centers with activities for everyone.

Visit Alquézar

World Heritage Monument Medieval Village, located on the Río Vero banks. It is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in Aragón. You can visit the castle, the Pasarelas del Vero and get a self-guided route.

Sotomontano wine route

There are visits and tastings in the most interesting wineries in Somontano: Enate, Viñas del Vero, Irius, Pirineos, Lalane, etc. Ask for information at the reception to book the visits and pan your route.

Oil route

Visit the oil mil in Bierge, the one in Buera and try the oil tasting.  Get to know the high quality traditional oil production method in our region.

Musea visit

In order to get to know how our ancestors lived, the nature, the flora and the fauna, the culture and the traditions in our region you could visits the following musea: CI Sierra de Guara (Bierge), Museo del Vino (Barbastro),  Centro Etnológico (Alquezar), CI Leyendas  y Tradiciones (Adahuesca), Río Vero (Castillazuelo), etc.

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